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We Can Rewire Our Brain

Life is so stressful that more people are experiencing stress overload. Repeated experiences of stress wire the brain to get stuck in stress and the chronic stream of stress hormones cause 80% of health problems. Neuroscience has proven that we can weaken and erase the wires that are the root cause of anxiety, depression, overeating and unhealthy habits.

EBT Tools are Science Based

The wiring that causes health problems is not in our "thinking brain." It is in our emotional brain. Most of us try to think our way out of problems, but it turns out that our thinking does not rewire these circuits. We need emotional tools to rewire emotional circuits, and EBT gives us these tools. Each tool is unique and gives us the power to wire our brain to move through stress effectively back to a state of connection and well-being.

EBT Groups are Convenient

To learn EBT skills we offer convenient telegroups, so that you can access your group from anywhere. No transportation costs or time involved. The emotional brain is the social brain and it changes when we are with others, so the group experience in EBT is core to achieving excellent results.

EBT is Cutting Edge

More people are seeking solutions to health problems that get to the root cause: our wiring. EBT is on the forefront of this movement. It was developed by Laurel Mellin, PHd and her colleagues Igor Mitrovic, MD and other faculty members at the University of California San Francisco over the last 30 years and the skills have been used by more than 400,000 people. The method became completely brain-based in 2007, offering a new paradigm in health care.

EBT Works

Research has shown the effectiveness of EBT in promoting a broad range of changes in life, which is consistent with rewiring the root cause of stress-related problems. Read more about the science of ebt.

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Consider it a gift from science to you. Michael Merzenhich, PhD

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